Subscription FAQ

Can I upgrade my subscription?

Yes, you shall do upgrade any time in your subscription management page

You will only pay the portion of the difference. But please remember your recruiting date will be renewed to today as well, means you will start a full period of the new subscription during upgrade/downgrade.

Can I cancel my subscription? How much refund I will get?

You may cancel your subscription any time in your subscription management page

However you will not get refund. The cancelling of subscription means you will not be charged in next recruiting day. Before next recruiting day you will still have access to the membership contents.

Can I downgrade my subscription?

Yes, you shall do downgrade any time in your subscription management page

Once you downgrade your subscription, you remain value will be use for deduction for future programs until it is zero. Let’s say you have purchased Premium monthly and have 25 days remaining until next recruiting date, and you will downgrade to Pro monthly. The change will immediately take effective after you downgrade and you will not access the Premium only contents. The rest value in your account of 25 Premium membership will be converted into Pro membership based on Pro membership daily value.

Will my subscription automatically renew if I purchased from a reseller and pay with Product Code?

No. Only for payment direct to Symbol Station, your subscription will be automatically renew.

Additionally, your downgrade, upgrade, and cancellation of subscription may not take effect as well. If you try to cancel or downgrade, you will lose your access to member content immediately. In case of this, please use Discord Support Ticket for help.

Will you offer technical support on product usage?

Unfortunately, we are not offering product support at this time. It is to reduce the cost in order to offer users a more affordable pricing. We may have a dedicated technical product support center for premium members in future time.

Where can I get help for billing question?

You may write email to [email protected] for billing questions. And for paid users, we may also help you to resolve general account issue regarding login, password reset, and other issues preventing you from use the tools. In general we will response your email within 3-5 business days. We will not response any email regarding product usage or technical questions.