Data Insight – RICI

15 Years Data Chart

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The Rogers International Commodity Index (RICI) is a broad index of commodity futures designed by Jim Rogers in 1996/1997. The index was designed to meet the need for consistent investing in commodities through a broad-based international vehicle. The index tracks 38[1] commodity futures contracts from 13 international exchanges. The index is divided into three sub-indices, which reflect the three sub-segments of the RICI – RICI Agriculture, RICI Energy and RICI Metals. The sub-indices’ contribution to main index from the beginning are Agriculture – 34.90%, Energy – 44.00%, Metals – 21.10% according to the RICI Handbook.

RICI is important for investors to measure the activity of international business. It is key to whom investing into commodities including WTI Crude Oil, Gold, and Wheat.