It is a system

  1. Trend definition

    To identify the direction of the market: is it up, down, or consolidation?
    Trending Systems: Vegas double tunnel system, double MA system, Cloud Trending system
    Technical indicators: Moving Average Indicator
  2. Energy / Momentum analysis

    To understand the changes in price momentum during market trends
    Technical indicators: MACD, Trend Scalp, Stochastics, RSI, WPR
  3. Market depth

    To understand the institutional trading volume profile in a certain timeframe and analyze the effectiveness of support and resistance
    Technical indicators: new group indicators, market depth indicators
  4. When NOT to trading

    Avoid trading during periods of increased trading volume
  5. Patterns analysis

    Use chart patterns and candlestick patterns analysis to improve win rate
    Common analysis: trend line, chart pattern, candle pattern

The most important thing in trading is to identify market trends. Traders often say “follow the trend, don’t trade against the trend.” But on what time frame should we be bullish or bearish, how to judge the acceleration and deceleration of a market trend, and when or what should we trade? These all require a comprehensive system to answer.

Regardless of whether you want to explore technical by yourself or attend a trading course, be sure to think about whether the trading system you are working on covers the mentioned dimensions.