你将与来自不同国家的华语学员一起进行为期 4 周的交易课程。在学习期间,你将获得持牌金融机构授予的高达 2000 美元的交易户口。按照学习计划进行交易,取得盈利部分的 30% 将归你所有,而不需要承担损失或存入本金。[…]

The interpretation of classic theories can make another classic. Reinterpret the three axioms of technical analysis, Fibonacci sequence and golden […]

Introducing the idea for three filters in stock trading. This class is an application for Andy School’s derivatives trading theory […]

Andy Lee believes the market movement is based on the three elements of energy, price and pattern. By exploring the […]

The original 123 trading rules and classical theories are further combined to make the trading system more perfect. It is […]

From candlestick chart to basis principles, from typical analytic system to price/volume theory, it is an great opportunity for new […]